August 16-18th, 2018                 Temporal Situations                       Situations, NY

July 20-22th, 2018                       Either Way/Et Al. Gallery               SF Art Book Fair

May 12-June 24th, 2018                       Buoy                                      ODD ARK, Los Angeles, CA

April 16-May 8, 2018                   Marble House Project                       Dorset, Vermont

December 7-10th, 2017                      NADA MIAMI                               Situations, New York, NY


October 1st-November 15th, 2017        BARBELL                                   Stndrd Projects

Saturday, June 10th-                               Brightsiders                             The Pit LA/ Verge
August 20th, 2017

Featuring: Miyoshi Barosh, Alika Cooper, Kim Fisher, Bella Foster, Eve Fowler, Karin Gulbran, Aiko Hachisuka, Julia Haft-Candell, Liz Larner, Caitlin Lonegan, Allison Miller, Rebecca Morris, Laura Owens, Jennifer Rochlin, Amanda Ross-Ho, Anna Sew-Hoy, Nora Shields, Lara Schnitger

Saturday, May 20th- July 1,      Whitney Hubbs & Alika Cooper                  Situations, New York
2017                                                   Madeleine Cake

Saturday December 3rd.  11am-7pm

Land's End


Good Weather with Fringe Projects, NADA, Miami, FL

November 26-December 31, 2016

Wet Suits

October 8- December 11, 2016

LAND at The Gamble House, Pasadena, CA 

Dec 4, 2015

Motion Picture